My name is Mirchaye Sahlu and I am an award winning communications professional. My background is in Journalism, Digital Media, Public Relations, Project and Events Management, Social Media, and Web Administration.

I completed my graduate studies at American University with a Master’s in International Journalism and Public Affairs; preceded by a Bachelor’s of Art in Mass Media Art with concentrations in Print Journalism and Television Production at the University of the District of Columbia. I am very much interested in public affairs and political events, which is what my Master’s degree at American focused on. I decided to pursue a career in communications in an effort to tell stories that would impact and inform others.

Since my childhood days, I was curious about uncovering facts. I fell in love with the beauty of language and literature when I got my first journal in elementary school and was spurred to start writing articles, commentaries, etc. This resulted to my passion for writing and covering news stories. And, that’s what I did – I pursued my love of writing and news by studying and working in communications for the past 9 years.

Beyond the power of words, I believe that visual storytelling is an effective way to get any message across. In fact, it is through visual storytelling that I work to educate my community and the public about different issues.

I have an interest in working on causes such as gender equality, education, healthcare, and youth development. Having lived and worked in developing countries, I have first-hand information on gender inequality – the very reason I aspire to create awareness, educate and change perceptions through short documentaries/videos.

As the late Austrian-born Journalist Henry Anatole Grunwald once stated: “Journalism can never be silent: That is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.”

True to Grumwald’s words, I firmly believe that information should be disseminated to the public. As a communications professional, I am determined to exert all-rounded effort to bring fact-based and accurate information to the ears and eyes of the audience.

Fun facts about me: I enjoy being active and always seeking a thrill. Zip lining, hiking, running and anything that involves the outdoors… you will find me there!